Tony Romo restructured his contract with the Cowboys. The Redskins cut their punter and a Falcons running back retired. A lot happened in the NFL on Tuesday.
The Redskins waived RBs Jawan Jamison and David Meggett and, in the team's words, 'terminated the following vested veterans:' DE Adam Carriker, TE Richard Quinn and P Sav Rocca.
Here are the 10 areas where some of the NFL's worst teams can improve for 2014.
The Redskins have the NFL's worst special teams unit. That point was reinforced Thursday night when they attempted (and failed) the worst fake punt you'll ever see.
With six minutes to go in the first half and Chicago trailing 17-10, Hester fielded a Sav Rocca punt at the Bears' 19-yard line and proceeded to outrun 11 Redskins' players to the end zone.
The Redskins' chances for success hinge on the health of Robert Griffin III, but Alfred Morris could carry some of the burden. Here's a preview of the Redskins' season.
The Redskins defeated the Cowboys to claim their first NFC East title since 1999, when QB Robert Griffin III was 9 years old.
The Redskins clinched the NFC East and a playoff berth with a win over the Cowboys and mistake-probe QB Tony Romo.
The Redskins didn't clinch anything after their 27-20 win over the Eagles on Sunday, so their playoff situation remains simple: Beat Dallas and they clinch the NFC East and earn a first-round home game.
The Redskins win the NFC East by winning their final two games. On Sunday, they play the Eagles in Philly.

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