Updates on the injured Masahiro Tanaka, George Springer, Joey Votto, Brandon Phillips, Michael Bourn and Wil Myers headline Sunday's daily recap.
Injury updates on Craig Kimbrel, Clayton Kershaw, Dustin Pedroia, Manny Machado and Juan Lagares headline Tuesday's daily recap.
The No. 24 will not be taken out of circulation in New York, even temporarily. The Yankees have already re-issued Robinson Cano's old number. Who got it? The answer is inside.
The Yankees have spent lavishly this offseason after missing the playoffs. Will that trump all their question marks? My gut feeling says no.
Our nightly look at quick hitting news and rumors includes updates on Johnny Damon, Scott Sizemore, Masahiro Tanaka, Bronson Arroyo, the Yankees, Cubs and Dodgers.
Two trades and a free agent signing headline Friday's hot stove action.
Josh Donaldson won't win the AL MVP, nor should he. But the A's underdog-but-stellar 3B's emerging candidacy bubbles the WAR debate back to the surface.
The A's traded for Jed Lowrie when they didn't seem to need him. Now, a month into the season, he's playing every day and batting third.
Wednesday, the A's placed Scott Sizemore on the disabled list and announced he has re-torn his left ACL and will miss the rest of the season. He missed all of 2012 after tearing his ACL in spring training.
What's different about John Buck's hot streak this time around? Is Jed Lowrie finally for real? Our Nando Di Fino shares his take on the latest flavors of the week off your waiver wires.

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