The Spurs are talented, deep and won the most games in franchise history this season. But they still have to play the Warriors in the playoffs if they want to reach the Finals.
The Kings want Vlade Divac to stick around for a few more years.
It's finally official: Kevin Martin is a Spur.
Kevin Martin is reportedly signing with the San Antonio Spurs.
Kevin Martin and the Timberwolves agree on a buyout. The San Antonio Spurs are the reported favorites to sign Martin.
A healthy 10-game schedule for Wednesday night has Heath Cummings looking more toward point guard for an edge with plus matchups.
Sacramento is better, but not good enough. They're playing well ... except when they're not. DeMarcus Cousins is a monster ... when he's not loafing. The George Karl era is a success ... except when it isn't. Welcome to the Kings.
There isn't a lot of variation in Thursday's four-game NBA schedule. Chris Towers and Heath Cummings say it makes choices hard to differentiate.
Heath Cummings says we've gotten spoiled with larger slates, but this five game slate brings us back to earth.
Losses to the Cavs and Warriors show San Antonio's weaknesses on defense without Tim Duncan. The good news for San Antonio is that it still has the rest of the season to figure it out.

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