The presence of Russell Westbrook and Stephen Curry sends Heath Cummings sorting through less-obvious options for FanDuel on Friday night.
Despite his hot start after the trade, Chris Towers isn't quite buying into Mario Chalmers as a consistent Fantasy contributor.
Mario Chalmers is headed to Memphis as the Heat and Grizzlies complete a four-player trade.
The Grizzlies are .500 yet everyone seems to think it's a total disaster. Let's not overreact, but there are some real problem here.
After three blowout losses, the rumors are starting to percolate that the Grizzlies could look to Tom Thibodeau to replace their coach.
Should Kobe Bryant move to the bench? Can Derrick Rose still be a top-10 point guard? Should we believe in the Raptors? It's Buy or Sell time.
After getting destroyed by the Warriors, Memphis is reportedly in talks to add guard Mario Chalmers from the Heat.
Anything is possible, but from here, the idea of Mike Conley leaving Memphis to join Brooklyn seems like a pipe dream.
Order is restored at the top of the rankings in the second week of the season.
Kung-Fu, the return of KD, someone hacked the Wizards, and Punk Rock Westbrook. All this and more as we look forward to the 2015-2016 NBA season.

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