Point guard is usually the best place to find a variety of bargain buys, but Chris Towers is just focusing on Brandon Knight and Isaiah Thomas in Wednesday's 12-game slate.
James Harden has gone from MVP candidate to a defensive punchline again, and the Rockets are in serious trouble. Where is the real James Harden, and when's he coming back?
Kevin Durant is healthy and will play against the Utah Jazz on Monday night.
Thunder forward Kevin Durant spoke at length about his relationship with his co-star, Russell Westbrook.
Introduced by Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant was inducted into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame on Thursday night.
For a franchise that's been so lost for so long, it appears the Knicks have found the real deal in a 7-foot-3 Latvian sharpshooter.
Russell Westbrook is back to figuring out how to navigate without Kevin Durant helping him, and it's still a tough road.
The big man's poor defense can't hurt the starters, and the starters' offense with the Turkish monster is unbelievable. He should start.
Is it worth it to avoid some of the big names on Monday's slate? Our Chris Towers breaks down his top options on FanDuel.
Thunder star Kevin Durant is out with a hamstring injury, but he sounds optimistic about the situation.

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