The presence of Russell Westbrook and Stephen Curry sends Heath Cummings sorting through less-obvious options for FanDuel on Friday night.
Is it worth it to avoid some of the big names on Monday's slate? Our Chris Towers breaks down his top options on FanDuel.
The Heat have revamped their roster in the offseason and are certainly deeper and healthier than a year ago. Is Miami good enough to win consistently this season or will it be just another team slightly hovering above .500?
The Grizzlies are .500 yet everyone seems to think it's a total disaster. Let's not overreact, but there are some real problem here.
After three blowout losses, the rumors are starting to percolate that the Grizzlies could look to Tom Thibodeau to replace their coach.
After getting destroyed by the Warriors, Memphis is reportedly in talks to add guard Mario Chalmers from the Heat.
A look at our experts' picks for Tuesday, including the Pistons trying to remain undefeated and the Kings surviving without DeMarcus Cousins.
Anything is possible, but from here, the idea of Mike Conley leaving Memphis to join Brooklyn seems like a pipe dream.
Order is restored at the top of the rankings in the second week of the season.
The Spurs and Thunder face off in a battle of the best of the West, the Cavs face the Grizzlies, and have the Wizards really transformed into something new?

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