Cleveland might be banged-up, but LeBron James and Kevin Love are a deadly combination -- though they didn't combine for 91 points like a certain OKC duo.
There are a lot of big men trying to expand their games, but that shouldn't necessarily include their shooting range.
The Wizards hammered playoff opponents with their small-ball lineups last year. Should they play that way all the time?
Not every Eastern team this offseason passed with flying colors like the Cavs, Heat and Bucks. Our experts are split on just how well the Nets, Hornets, Pacers and Wizards fared.
Here are the cap situations and team needs of all 30 teams heading into free agency.
What is the point guard situation in the NBA and how could it affect the draft selections for teams looking for starters or backups?
The Timberwolves and Lakers will have tough decisions to make in next month's draft
The Atlanta Hawks moved on to the conference finals with a win over the Washington Wizards. Here's what we learned from Game 6.
Playing with an injured left hand and wrist, John Wall is quite confident heading into Game 6 tonight.
The Atlanta Hawks finally figured out the Washington Wizards in Game 4 as they evened up the series. Here's what we learned.

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