Chris Towers takes a look at injuries to Marc Gasol, Tyreke Evans and Jimmy Butler and how they will impact the Fantasy landscape.
The Grizzlies' franchise player will miss major time with a broken foot. What does this mean for him, the team, their playoff hopes, their draft picks and the future of the franchise?
Memphis is probably not going anywhere serious this season... but making a trade could be disastrous long-term for their franchise.
Dallas coach Rick Carlisle said the team should never have acquired Rajon Rondo because of fit issues.
The Mavericks aren't mourning last year's Rajon Rondo trade.
Andre Drummond's second year under Stan Van Gundy should start to yield spectacular results.
Let's say this season doesn't live up to the hype, will your team at least get a good draft pick?
The Grizzlies kept Marc Gasol and added some value pieces but didn't address their needs at shooter. Do they have enough to challenge in the Western Conference?
Off-court uncertainty, on-court potential, the addition of Tyson Chandler and the lingering Markieff Morris situation. Good luck figuring out the Suns. Wait, that's what we're going to do.
With the Clippers losing DeAndre Jordan to the Mavs, they have to find a stopgap and hope for a big splash in 2016.

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