The Seahawks look dangerous, the Patriots dodged a bullet and more from the week that was in the NFL.
Lynch has been a star running back for the Seahawks for years, but a heavy workload and a hefty 2016 salary could make 2015 his last season in Seattle.
Seattle's secondary, once known for ferocious hits and turnovers, isn't the same unit we're accustomed to seeing. What's especially disturbing is they have struggled against the top passers. A closer look at the tapes reveals what's wrong with the Seahawks.
The Cardinals have shown in recent seasons that they're not intimidated by the Seahawks, even at CenturyLink Field.
Every now and then critics like to point out that Richard Sherman isn't nearly as good as he thinks he is.
The Vikings are establishing themselves as one of the better teams in the NFL and no one's talking about them.
The Seahawks have strayed from their practice of keeping their cornerbacks to a certain side of the field this season.
For the first time all seasons, Panthers quarterback Cam Newton is on the MVP Projection list.
This was Cam Newton telling the football world: Forget about just calling him a big, strong, power-running weapon. You can now consider him a pocket passer as well.

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