Who is your team's favorite best and worst picks over the past 10 years? Let's break it down.
DeSean Jackson was one of many current and former Eagles players who didn't lose sleep when Chip Kelly was fired five days before the regular-season finale.
Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie was so certain that Chip Kelly, head coach and overseer of personnel matters, was such a bad fit that he fired him five days before the season finale.
Comparing the Panthers to the 2013 Seattle Seahawks is high praise, and might be a bit premature, but if they keep playing the way they are it might not be that far off come playoff time.
It's easy to envision a scenario where Chip Kelly just throws up at his hands and heads back to college.
Kelly's offense has not performed up to its usual standards this season.
Greg Hardy doesn't have many fans outside the Cowboys' locker room.
Kelce and teammate Lane Johnson said they tried to make sure Hardy didn't have a big night.
After winning 10 games in each of his first two seasons, coach Chip Kelly and the Eagles have stumbled to a 2-3 start. This has led to questions about his future in Philly.
What happened to Chip Kelly's high-flying offense? The Eagles have a lot of problems right now, but not all is lost in Philly. It's fixable.

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