The Patriots can already clinch the AFC East title, Andy Dalton can tie a record belonging to Peyton Manning, Carson Palmer can tie Kurt Warner's franchise record, and more.
Peyton Manning met with a foot and ankle specialist on Monday and not only will he miss the Broncos' next two games, it's not clear when he'll return to the field.
Week 8 featured a wave of unfortunate injuries, ruining an entertaining week of football.
Kevin White, coming off surgery on his shin, isn't close to returning for the Bears.
Seven NFL teams hired new head coaches in the offseason. We take a look at who's up and who's down after six weeks.
The 2015 Seahawks would look a lot like those teams that went to the Super Bowl the last two seasons if games were only three periods.
Marcus Mariota goes for multiple touchdowns again, Blake Bortles looks for his first road win, Antonio Gates is a touchdown away from No. 100, and more.
Matt Forte made some interesting observations about the Bears' quarterbacks.
Jay Cutler is the league's best passer on third down.
Jay Cutler is the definition of toughness in a gritty win over the Raiders -- not that you'd ever give him credit. Also impressive? The Falcons' O-line.

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