With the Eagles, Lions, Panthers, Cowboys, Bears and Packers on tap, the Thanksgiving slate of NFL games is oozing with juicy storylines. Here are advanced stats and predictions for each game.
Jerry Jones doesn't seem to have let go of Dez Bryant's controversial play during last year's playoffs.
Carroll's team was the latest to fall victim to the NFL's inconsistent interpretation of the catch rule.
We're heading into Week 11 and no one still has any idea what constitutes a catch.
Too soon to talk playoffs? Not when you consider what's on the line for the Raiders, Steelers, Vikings and Rams. The Broncos may have provided a blueprint to beat the Packers, but no team has that personnel. And will the catch rule controversy go away? Not anytime soon.
Panthers adding a star receiver? Broncos trading for an elite running back? Seahawks and Colts adding interior line help? It likely won't happen before the trade deadline, no matter how much sense it makes.
It all started in 2011, with the 'Calvin Johnson rule' and has since taken on a life of its own.
If you're wondering which NFL teams are going to win in Week 7, you've come to the right place.
The NFL has a catching problem on its hands. That and more in this weeks' Sorting the Sunday Pile.
Why was Golden Tate's touchdown a touchdown and not an interception? The NFL's VP of officiating Dean Blandino tried to explain that on Sunday.

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