You can make a case that the Cowboys have the NFL's best offensive line, which goes a long way in explaining why Ezekiel Elliott would love to play in Dallas.
Who is your team's favorite best and worst picks over the past 10 years? Let's break it down.
The Eagles might have an eye on the future at QB, but Sam Bradford -- who reportedly wants a trade -- needs to stay put and see what develops in Philly.
In the hours since an appeals court reinstated Tom Brady's four-game suspension for his role in Deflategate, conventional wisdom was that backup Jimmy Garoppolo would be the next in line.
While many teams stress the best-player-available strategy in the NFL Draft, there's no denying that need plays some part in each team's offseason plans. Which weaknesses are teams looking to fill?
Hue Jackson believes it's about more than finding the "perfect" prospect in the draft.
Trading back is near curse-word status in Cleveland. The Oh Fudge (Christmas Story) feeling resurfaced for the Browns, who hope to sidestep memories of botched draft deals passed with their latest, unproven hierarchy following the path of analytics.
Splash and cash became crash and burn for the Philadelphia Eagles in recent offseasons. With Chip Kelly gone, the franchise is again taking a long view that just might pan out.
The Eagles and Browns made a big-time trade on Wednesday, so let's look at winners and losers from the deal.
Plus, visual proof of RG3 playing quarterback for the Browns.

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