Questions about Cowboys' pass rush, Giants' offensive line linger
Wide receiver becomes expendable after catching only 11 passes last season
Griffin still has to battle to be the Browns' starting quarterback, but if he wins the job, he could emerge as the team's long-term answer.
There's never been a better time to be a quarterback and it seems like the perfect time for me to peek into my crystal ball and give you an idea of how I see the future playing out for these seven quarterbacks.
Washington moved down one pick and took another wide receiver for Kirk Cousins.
Who is your team's favorite best and worst picks over the past 10 years? Let's break it down.
While many teams stress the best-player-available strategy in the NFL Draft, there's no denying that need plays some part in each team's offseason plans. Which weaknesses are teams looking to fill?
Norman is a free agent after the Carolina Panthers rescinded his franchise tag offer.
A position-by-position look at my favorite non-first round prospects of the 2016 NFL Draft, featuring prospects hailing from the Ivy League all the way up to the SEC.

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