Key players around the league will see their salaries guarantee in February and March, while the 2016 league year begins on March 9.
The Seahawks face an offseason of questions. Cut Beast Mode? Pay Kam Chancellor and Michael Bennett? Re-sign Bruce Irvin or Russell Okung? Here's a look at what's next.
Newton is the league's likely MVP and he's facing off against one of the best defensive fronts in the league. Can he make his runs count while also delivering the football in the face of a fierce pass rush?
Comparing the Panthers to the 2013 Seattle Seahawks is high praise, and might be a bit premature, but if they keep playing the way they are it might not be that far off come playoff time.
The NFL's head of officiating doesn't think officials are making more mistakes this year
Larry Fitzgerald is trying to save K.J. Wright some money.
The NFL's decision to suspend and reassign officials who make mistakes during games is a public-relations move, according to former official Scott Green.
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell admitted Saturday that officials blew a call late in the Week 4 matchup against the Seahawks that may have cost the Lions a win.
The ref who didn't call illegal batting in the Lions-Seahawks game on Oct. 5 has been reassigned for Week 6. The ref involved in the Steelers-Chargers clock mishap has been suspended.
The Lions haven't publicly complained about the ending of Monday night's Seahawks game, but don't let that fool you, team's owner is definitely upset.

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