Larry Fitzgerald is trying to save K.J. Wright some money.
The NFL's decision to suspend and reassign officials who make mistakes during games is a public-relations move, according to former official Scott Green.
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell admitted Saturday that officials blew a call late in the Week 4 matchup against the Seahawks that may have cost the Lions a win.
The ref who didn't call illegal batting in the Lions-Seahawks game on Oct. 5 has been reassigned for Week 6. The ref involved in the Steelers-Chargers clock mishap has been suspended.
The Lions haven't publicly complained about the ending of Monday night's Seahawks game, but don't let that fool you, team's owner is definitely upset.
It seems that no one -- other than Paxtriots coach Bill Belichick-- knew that it was illegal for Seahawks linebacker K.J. Wright to bat that ball out of the end zone.
Whatever your thoughts on Bill Belichick and the Patriots, there's no denying that his teams are always prepared.
The Lions are 0-4 and therefore the worst team in football. But they have competition.
Wright's controversial play went uncalled and the Seahawks came away victorious on Monday night.
Calvin Johnson owned up to his fumble after the Lions lost to the Seahawks on Monday night.

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