Former Lions wide receiver Titus Young was bonded out of jail after 27 days in the hole.
With the future of former Lions receiver Titus Young unclear, the NFL says it wanted to help him but that he wasn't interested.
Former Lions wide receiver Titus Young made an appearance in a California court on Friday, where he ignored the judge and found out he would be facing a total of 11 charges.
Titus Young's life has spiraled out of control. Mike Freeman says an untreated hit to the head could be the starting point for the former Lions receiver's sad decline.
The mother of Titus Young's 8-month-old son has been granted a temporary restraining order against Young. According to the restraining order request, Young's ex-girlfriend alleges that he would say things like, "I understand why O.J. killed his wife."
Former Detroit Lions wide receiver Titus Young was arrested three times last week, and now his father, Richard, is speaking up as to why his son has fallen on hard times.
Titus Young was arrested Friday for the third time in the last week.
Free agent wide receiver Titus Young might find it difficult finding a new job after getting arrested twice in 15 hours on Sunday.
Early Tuesday morning, former Detroit receiver Titus Young tweeted an apology to Lions fans and thanked them for two years of "love and joy." All of his tweets were erased within two hours.
The Lions were expected to light up scoreboards in 2012, thanks to the duo of Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson. Dave Richard expects Detroit's offense to get back to its explosive ways in 2013.

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