Hockey has enjoyed a rather tremendous year in the U.S. So on this Fourth of July, let's take a look at all the good things happening for hockey in America.
Jonathan Quick played the majority of the postseason with a wrist injury that required surgery on Tuesday and will keep him off the ice 10-12 weeks.
The 2012 Kings dominated teams on the way to a Stanley Cup in historic fashion. The 2014 Kings are a win from the same result but in much different fashion.
Jonathan Quick has not been his best this postseason, but for Game 3, he looked just as he did when he won the Conn Smythe while leading the Kings to the Stanley Cup in 2012.
Every night during the playoffs, we will wrap up all the exciting action and tell you what you need to know about the 2013-14 Stanley Cup playoffs. Welcome to What You Need To Know.
Jonathan Quick made one of the most spectacular saves of the postseason on Derick Brassard in the second period of Game 3.
The Kings are up 2-0 in the Stanley Cup Final but don't let that fool you, they haven't played their best games yet. If they want to win in New York, they'll need to find their A game.
The Kings have survived series so far this postseason. They haven't controlled any. With a 1-0 lead over the Rangers, they have another chance to show their killer instinct and take control of the Stanley Cup Final.
The Stanley Cup Final features a bi-coastal battle between New York and LA, the first such title bout since 1981 in North American sports, two resilient teams that have been impossible to put away.
Drew Doughty and Ryan McDonagh are among the best defensemen under the age of 25 in the NHL and now they have the Stanley Cup Final as their showcase. It won't be long before most NHL defensemen look like them.

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