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Sun, Feb 7, 2016

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Cleveland gets its biggest win of the season while the Spurs continue to struggle without Tim Duncan.
Klutch Sports adds a new client in the Wizards star who is looking for a new shoe deal.
The Boston wing has every right to be mad about being underpaid, but his options to improve his situation are limited.
Is it a good time to deal Dwyane Wade? Draymond Green? Gordon Hayward? Chris Towers looks for buy-low and sell-high candidates in his Week 12 Trade Values.
Cleveland big man Anderson Varejao isn't playing, but he still wants to stay.
Cavaliers forward LeBron James addressed why he left 2014 No. 1 pick Andrew Wiggins out of his Sports Illustrated letter before the Kevin Love trade.
Cleveland center is garnering calls on the market but Cleveland's holding steady even as the big man has slipped out of the starting rotation.
What does your Fantasy team need 11 weeks into the season? Chris Towers looks at the NBA landscape and assigns values to use as a tool when making trades.
Cleveland guard finds himself squeezed to the bench with the Cavaliers' depth keeping him off the floor after the return of Kyrie Irving.
Cavaliers superstar says the only return that will make everything "all right" is Jesus Christ. You would think the Messiah would help with spacing and defense.

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