Billy King has been reassigned and Lionel Hollins has been let go. The roster is a mess and the team owes its draft picks in multiple years. Where can Brooklyn go to get back to being decent?
If you want to torture yourself for 2.5 hours, you watch the Rockets' transition defense from this season.
Even if you're a player's manager, you can't touch the players like that.
Ty Lawson isn't exactly having a great time in Houston.
James Harden has gone from MVP candidate to a defensive punchline again, and the Rockets are in serious trouble. Where is the real James Harden, and when's he coming back?
The Clippers and Rockets are both in a tailspin, but the question is: which team is better equipped to come out of it? And how do they do it?
Brooklyn Nets GM Billy King admits that their trade for Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett was a mistake.
Tyson Chandler believes the Warriors are a new era of basketball. Jason Terry believes it's due to faith. Steve Nash thinks he's a transcendent talent. No one's seen anything like Stephen Curry
Houston guard Ty Lawson says he's OK with being a backup.
Houston swingman Corey Brewer hit a miracle shot on Wednesday.

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