The qualifying offer entitles teams to draft pick compensation should the player sign elsewhere
If your team is hoping to upgrade through free agency this offseason, we've got some bad news
The Rays haven't brought in enough quality young players in recent years
Santana had a possible hit called foul while Matz had a close hit called fair
Brandon Phillips is hitting .273. Matt Carpenter is hitting .242. Carpenter is having a better offensive year, though. Here's why.
The White Sox are currently in first place in the AL Central. They're doing it mostly with pitching and defense in the early going.
After breaking Ruben Tejada's leg with a brutal takeout slide in the NLDS last year, Chase Utley opened the 2016 season with an illegal slide into home plate.
The already very good at baseball Clayton Kershaw now throws a changeup. He broke the new pitch out during his Opening Day start Monday night.
A rash of Dodgers pitching injuries and multiple rotation upgrade in Arizona and San Francisco make the NL West race fascinating in 2016. Plus, the Rockies should be better than you think, while the Padres have change on the horizon.
In an effort to return to international dominance, Cuba may allow expatriates to play for the Cuban National Team in the future.

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