Before Nyquist won the 142nd running of the Kentucky Derby, he was in the presence of greatness. The Hockey Hall of Fame brought the Stanley Cup to visit the horse named for a hockey player.
Pavel Datsyuk says his decision about next year still isn't final. He'll wait until after the World Championships to make his final call.
Few players could dominate a game the way Pavel Datsyuk could at both ends of the ice. If Thursday's game was his final one in the NHL, it was an amazing run.
Detroit Red Wings forward Henrik Zetterberg had to find Pavel Datsyuk's missing tooth on the ice.
We rank the NHL's 16 Stanley Cup Playoff teams in order of who is most likely to win the Cup, to who is least likely to win it.
According to a report, there is a change that Detroit Red Wings forward Pavel Datsyuk could return to Russia after this season for family reasons.
Gordie Howe was at the Detroit Red Wings game on Monday night to help celebrate his 88th birthday. He was given a really big cake.

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