Seven Patriots were voted to the 2015 Pro Bowl but none of them are going to be there for it.
The Patriots have the advantage of a bargain franchise QB and should continue to contend for the Super Bowl, but difficult decisions await in the offseason.
The Patriots lost to the Dolphins on Sunday, but more troubling for the defending Super Bowl champions: QB Tom Brady was clearly hobbling during the post-game press conference.
Belichick wanted to kick and the Patriots kicked. It just didn't work out.
Bill Belichick may be a genius, but he fails yet again at situational football with his decision to defer in OT. Also lame? The Steelers' effort Sunday.
When Bill Belichick told the Patriots special teams captain to turn down possession of the football to begin overtime Sunday, he was met with a confused stare and plenty of questions from his players.
Bill Belichick was all business as he offered terse responses to questions about why he decided to kick off to the Jets to start overtime.
Belichick said he thought kicking off was the best thing to do. How did the Jets' official Twitter account respond?
The Patriots almost always win the coin toss and that's exactly what happened in overtime Sunday against the Jets ... and the Pats decided to kick. Four plays later, they lost the game.
The initial rosters for the 2016 Pro Bowl, which will feature a selection draft for a third year in a row, were announced on Tuesday. Who made the cut, and who deserved to but didn't?

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