We're tracking all the key injury news heading into Week 11's NFL games.
Because it looked more like a track meet than a college football game for much of the night, the buzz will center around quarterbacks and receivers but for NFL scouts evaluating Baylor's 45-35 win over Oklahoma State, the brightest stars were clearly defensive linemen Andrew Billings and Emmanuel Ogbah.
When the schedule came out in the spring, not many people pegged the Week 11 Redskins-Panthers matchup as an important one.
With Marcus Mariota and Blake Bortles, the Titans and Jaguars feature young, budding stars at quarterback. The two AFC South rivals also have plenty to play for when they square off in Jacksonville. Here are five key stats to know for Thursday night's showdown.
ESPN analyst and Hall of Famer Cris Carter made a case on Tuesday about why white NFL wide receivers don't get the same recognition as their non-white counterparts.
This is going to sound weird but Kirk Cousins and the Redskins can win the NFC East.
So maybe we all need to start taking Kirk Cousins seriously.
We're tracking all the key injury news heading into Week 10's NFL games.
Marcus Mariota is back to having himself a pretty good season.

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