James Harden of the Houston Rockets says he and Dwight Howard are the cornerstones and the rest of the guys are role players. Even if true, should he say that?
The Houston Rockets have had a rough offseason but the development of Isaiah Canaan, their draft pick from 2013, can save all of that.
Rockets center Dwight Howard believes the team will be fine without Chandler Parsons, and he probably went a bit too far.
Houston Rockets' coach Kevin McHale doesn't sound too confident in why the Rockets made the moves they did this summer.
In a three-way trade, Omri Casspi is reportedly headed to New Orleans and the Wizards will get a trade exception.
With the Rocket's whiffing on Chris Bosh and Dan Gilbert landing LeBron James, exactly what is the point of actually being smart in team building?
A look at who came out ahead and behind after LeBron James decides to return to Cleveland Friday.
After LeBron James went home to Cleveland, the Rockets are swooping in to get free agent Chris Bosh to add to their core.
Houston reportedly has deals lined up for Jeremy Lin, and Cleveland is apparently willing to part with a draft pick to move Jarrett Jack.
The Rockets want to combine the young athletic super-shooter with the veteran All-Star.

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