Indiana Pacers' point guard C.J. Watson has returned to the team's rotation and it's starting to yield results already.
Miami drops Indy, the Grizzlies handle the Sixers, the Spurs come from behind vs. the Suns and more.
The Pacers had extra rest but it was Miami with the extra gear Friday.
Indiana Pacers coach Frank Vogel told the media he plans to rest some of the starters before the playoffs to help them be fresh for the postseason.
The Pacers didn't just lose to the Hawks on Sunday, they got obliterated. Which means we get to play another round of 'What's wrong with the Pacers?'
Al Jefferson, Marcin Gortat, Darren Collison, Reggie Jackson, and Joakim Noah are all doing a great job of assisting their teams into the playoffs.
Zach Harper and Ethan Sherwood Strauss discuss the San Antonio Spurs' incredible run of success, the Indiana Pacers vs. the West, and Al Jefferson for All-NBA.
Take away Derrick Rose, trade away Luol Deng, and Joakim Noah will still be the driving force of one of the best defenses in the NBA.
The Pacers need to step it up. Maybe the best way to make that happen is for them to gear down.
The Pacers have fallen out of the top spot in the East for the first time this season and Roy Hibbert says they deserve it.

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