Indiana could look to clear cap space by trading big man who fell into a major funk last year.
The market may just not be there for the talented Indiana forward, based on his attitude and behavior, despite a strong skillset and age.
Heat star will be overlooked in free agency, but could change the future of any team he's open to, if he can get past how much he loves Miami.
The NBA has announced the All-NBA First, Second, and Third teams with Kevin Durant leading the way as the top vote-getter.
Larry Bird wants Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert to get a Hall of Fame player to help him with his game this offseason.
Joakim Noah headlines All-Defensive First team as Chris Paul, Serge Ibaka, Andre Iguodala and Paul George join him. LeBron James on Second team.
How do the Miami Heat measure up to the three-peat champions of NBA history? Let's take a look and compare.
The Miami Heat have been hoping to show that familiar defensive effort that makes them such a dangerous team.
Miami is back in the Finals and the Pacers are back to the drawing board as the Heat win the Eastern Conference Finals 4-2.
Indiana's season ended pitifully and the Heat surged in an impressive 117-92 victory to win the Eastern Conference Finals 4-2.

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