Tom Thibodeau indeed will put everything he has into his new job with the Minnesota Timberwolves.
Who should go? Who should stay? How does your team get better? And what situation are they in with less than two days before the NBA trade deadline kicks off the home stretch of the 2015-16 season? We've got you covered.
Could the Wolves move their point guard? Are Al Horford and Dwight Howard on the move? Is Boston serious about making a deal?
Using what Rajon Rondo has taught him, Lakers rookie D'Angelo Russell climbs up a few spots in this week's rankings. Frank Kaminsky also and Trey Lyles shoot up into the top five.
With Nikola Pekovic and Jusuf Nurkic returning from injury, is either big man a must-add for Fantasy players? Chris Towers looks at Fantasy Week 12 waiver options.
The Wolves are about to get a real offensive weapon off the bench with Nikola Pekovic close to returning.
Veteran guard is on the block, but is there a good fit for his skillset, even with the league's emphasis on shooting?
Minnesota isn't looking to deal their forward, even with so many options for deals.
New security detail will keep the rookie out of harm's way, and hopefully out of trouble.
What were the top lineups for the West teams last year and how can they improve this season?

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