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If this doesn't prove that Russell Westbrook deserves the MVP award, I don't know what will. While everyone is aware that Westbrook has 35 triple-doubles this season, which
What Westbrook is doing will be referenced over and over again for years to come, in a meaningful way
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LeBron James may want to rest during some games, but Russell Westbrook sure as heck doesn't. With the topic of resting players becoming a hot topic after Adam Silver's
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Russell Westbrook on if he averages a triple-double but doesn't win MVP: pic.twitter.com/xy66reGenn — Erik Horne (@ErikHorneOK) March 22, 2017 With just
After the King, it's Harden, Westbrook and Leonard, but this race is by no means over
Ball is not the only Pac-12 star the Lakers land
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Russell Westbrook hasn't missed a single game this season and he's not ready to do so just yet. Despite suffering a blister on his right hand during a fall versus the

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