Will Iggy stay in Golden State? Does anyone have any idea what to do with Derrick Rose?
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Nick Collison may be 37 years old next season, but it doesn't mean he's done playing. According to the 13-year veteran, Collison wants to return for the 2017-18 season, as
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The Oklahoma City Thunder's season may be over, but Enes Kanter isn't worried about his future. As the Thunder went through exit interviews on Wednesday less than 24 hours
If this is their real list, some of the names are pretty hilarious
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Despite a rough first-round series versus the Houston Rockets, Andre Roberson wants to return to his first NBA home. The 25-year-old is due to hit restricted free agency
Trade Kanter? Re-sign Roberson? What about Westbrook?
Houston advances, and San Antonio is set up to follow suit after its Game 5 win
This is fuel to the Westbrook haters' fire
Harden didn't play great, no one could shoot, and the Rockets still rolled to a 4-1 series win

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