Who is your team's favorite best and worst picks over the past 10 years? Let's break it down.
General manager Ryan Grigson fessed up to draft failures past and could relive the horror if the Indianapolis Colts again fail to appropriately address gaping holes on their offensive line.
A healthy Andrew Luck should make the Colts contenders again. If they want to get beyond the first round in 2016, several roster needs are yet to be addressed.
Drew Brees is probably a much better predictor of Coby Fleener's future success in New Orleans than the first four years of Fleener's career with the Colts
If recent history is any suggestion, Coby Fleener is about to break out.
Hours after the Patriots picked up his $10 million option, tight end Rob Gronkowski tweeted about his new situation basically amounting to a pay cut.
Dwayne Allen just got a nice pay raise from the Colts.
Nobody throws good money after bad like NFL teams in free agency. Here's a warning to the Jags, Browns and Titans: Don't waste your money.
Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib, who spent two seasons in New England, is giving credit to the Patriots. Here's why.
Talib was suspended earlier this year for an eye-gouge and feels the same standard wasn't applied to Steelers offensive lineman Cody Wallace.

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