Starting with Eli Manning, Ndamukong Suh and Rob Gronkowski, here are 30 big-time players who are entering key contract seasons.
49ers LB Aldon Smith will not face charges stemming from the LAX incident in which he was charged for a false report of a bomb threat.
Forget all the talk about Tom Brady taking a step backward. Pat Kirwan ranks Brady at the top of his list of top 100 players because he succeeded against long odds in 2013.
Pete Prisco unveils his list of the top 100 players in the NFL, noting that although Richard Sherman is a great cornerback, Patrick Peterson is the best of them all.
Colin Kaepernick's team-friendly, six-year, $126M deal doesn't mean the Niners can't keep or go after free agents, but it significantly reduces the margin for error.
49ers coach Jim Harbaugh opened up about linebacker Aldon Smith on Friday.
Despite his recent legal troubles, 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith said he feels like he's a quality human being.
San Francisco 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith could face anywhere 'from zero days to four years and four months' in jail after pleading no contest to six separate charges on Wednesday.
Looking at 2014 NFL season over/under picks for the coming year, featuring every single team from the NFC. Vegas is sleeping on the Cardinals, kids.
Looking back at the 2011 NFL Draft, several teams passed with flying colors, while others had a draft they would like to forget

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