What will Peyton Manning do next? Days after winning his second Super Bowl, that's the question.
Peyton Manning may be more interested in drinking beer than talking about his future, but some day soon he'll need to let the rest of us know if he'll retire or try to play again in 2016.
Peyton Manning has been one of the best quarterbacks in football history and may be playing his final game in Super Bowl 50. But what are the implications if he decides to continue his career?
The Rams reportedly talked about having Peyton Manning in Los Angeles next year.
According to a report, Sam Bradford wanted $25 million a year from the Eagles in contract talks.
According to a report, Chip Kelly "plotted" to get Colin Kaepernick this offseason if the quarterback was cut.
Byron Scott may have grown up near the soon-to-be home of the Los Angeles Rams, but that doesn't mean the Lakers coach has any intentions of suddenly becoming a Rams fan.
With Washington nearly certain to release Robert Griffin III after Super Bowl 50, the former Rookie of the Year could end up in plenty of different locations and situations heading into next season.
Can Rex Ryan knock his former team out of a playoff spot? Could the Panthers blow the No. 1 seed in the NFC? There's no shortage of subplots in Week 17.
After Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie fired Chip Kelly in a 'totally out of character' move on Tuesday, the coach needs some self-evaluation before hooking up with another NFL franchise.

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