Justin Abdelkader gave the Red Wings a 2-1 win with his overtime goal, but should it have counted at all?
The outlier scorer of the season. The great breakout goaltender. The all-around beast. Evan Berofsky hands out three of his unique awards.
Martin Brodeur has been granted an extension on his leave from the St. Louis Blues according to a report. He'll remain out through the all-star break.
The St. Louis Blues are reportedly considering offering veteran goalie Martin Brodeur a role in management with the team. Brodeur is currently on a one-week leave from the team to ponder his future.
Blues goalie Martin Brodeur has been granted a one-week leave of absence from the St. Louis Blues. After the week, he will return to the team and discuss his future.
Starting with Blueshirts center No. 1 or No. 1A, Derek Stepan, Jan Levine has risers, fallers and injury updates to help set Week 13 lineups.
Brian Elliott is expected to make his first start since Nov. 25 after nursing a lower-body injury. His return creates a goaltending log jam for the Blues, though.
Starting with shifty Canadiens center Alex Galchenyuk, Jan Levine has risers, fallers and injury updates to help set Week 12 lineups.
Your favorite hockey team deserves a gift for Christmas. But what exactly do you get them? We have some ideas.
The Red Wings defy expectation, reinforced with Hakan Andersson's talent pipeline. Paul Bruno says the deeper Leafs are doing the same in Toronto.

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