Wyoming was one of the final four unbeatens left in the nation. However, the Cowboys suffered a blow when second-leading scorer Luke Martinez broke his finger in a bar fight. Now coach Larry Shyatt has suspended Martinez indefinitely.
Welcome in. If you're new to the process, every Monday morning I assemble the Power Pyramid, constructed of teams from outside the Big Seven: that's the major six conferences, plus the upgraded Atlantic 10 this year. The Mountain West is determined to monopolize this thing, however. See today's rankings for the latest proof.
The first half of the day was headlined by No. 1 Duke losing, as well as Indiana dominating for 30 minutes. The evening and night had Kentucky losing and another Mountain West classic.
We're not above revising our lists after a few months. It's a bit different than the preseason top 100, but here's our midseason top 50.
The Mountain West is an elite league this season, deserving of a spot above a couple of the so-called Power Six conferences. UNLV is a Final Four contender in terms of pure talent. San Diego State and New Mexico have spent much of the year in the Top 25, but the difference with the Mountain West is that the middle-tier teams have made progress.

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