NFL O-linemen have never had it so tough, and everyone has an opinion, especially those who 'don't know how to buckle a helmet.' Here's what four linemen have to say about the hardest job in football.
The Colts just beefed up their offensive line.
Robinson is lifting weights, doing drills, and pushing cars.
Tennessee GM Jon Robinson spoke to the team's official website about the importance of line play.
Where will Chip Kelly end up next after being released by the Eagles.
Chance Warmack was the brave soul that asserted he had not gained any weight on Thanksgiving, so Titans coach Mike Mularkey invited him to come on down for $50... as long as he weighed in.
A look back at some of the great defenses since 1980 in the NFL shows several common threads with all of them, and a closer look at Denver's current unit shows they're following that same path to success.

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