Max Scherzer goes for two straight no-hitters. The Royals and Athletics meet again, but will they keep it civil? And what's happening with Giancarlo Stanton's hand? Come here to see all the news, injury updates and rumors you need, in addition to key highlights.
Last time the Royals and A's played, the series was chock full of dust-ups and ejections. Now, the two ballclubs meet again, this time in Oakland.
In the last 31 games, the A's are 20-11 and one of the strongest teams in the bigs. They were once thought surefire sellers, but if this keeps up, they could be buyers.
At the Fantasy Baseball Today blog, Chris Towers takes a look at the Fantasy appeal of some of the surprise best hitters in baseball this month.
The Blue Jays won their ninth straight game Friday night thanks to a huge comeback against the Red Sox. That story and more is in this edition of Eye on MLB.
Good news on Tonya Carpenter, who was not long ago struck in the face by a large bat shard at Fenway Park.
Last Friday, Tonya Carpenter was struck by a broken bat in Fenway Park. Her injuries were reported at the time as life-threatening and a few days later noted to still be serious. Now she's been declared in good condition.
What is the best first-round pick by each team in the last decade? Find out here. Or tell us we're wrong. Whatever works!
There's a small update to Friday night's story on Tonya Carpenter, who was hit with a broken bat in the stands in Fenway Park. She's in serious condition.
She has sustained 'life-threatening injuries,' police tell the Boston Globe. She was located in box seats along third base, and was hit with a shard after Oakland's Brett Lawrie broke his bat on a swing in the second inning.

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