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Sun, Feb 7, 2016

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The Reds are no longer discussing Brandon Phillips trade scenarios with other clubs. That story and more is in Sunday's hot stove recap.
Here are the shortstops likely to provide the most overall value in the upcoming season.
Here are the second-sackers likely to provide the most overall value in the upcoming season.
Believe it or not, the Yankees are the only team in baseball that has yet to sign a free agent to a major-league contract this offseason.
Back in 2014, the Cubs showed Jon Lester a projected 2016 lineup as they hoped to sign him. Said lineup included Jason Heyward in center field.
A plethora of waiver claims, Alex Gordon telling the Royals they have no chance of keeping him and the Nationals looking for second base help lead the way in tonight's roundup.
A look at the winners and 'non-winners' at the midway point of the Hot Stove season, plus news and notes from around Major League Baseball.
Span had two surgeries to repair a core injury before the season even started, and ended it on the DL because of a related hip injury that required another surgery.
With Ben Zobrist and Jason Heyward signed, the Cubs are now free to use Jorge Soler and/of Javier Baez to land a high-end young pitcher.
Both Ben Zobrist and Jason Heyward reportedly turned down more money to join the Cubs. Potentially being part of the team that breaks the curse is rather appealing, it seems.

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