A look at the Jacksonville Jaguars 2014 offseason including what they might do in free agency and the 2014 NFL Draft.
The Jaguars are giving their fans hope for the future.
Who's hot, who's not? The NFL Stock Watch takes a look at whose seat is warm and whose has cooled around the NFL.
Full grades for every single team from 2013's NFL Week 13. The Seahawks are pretty good huh?
The Jaguars were 0-8, but now have won three of their past four games. A good group of improving rookies is a big reason why.
2013 NFL Grades from Week 13 for every NFL team, featuring an impressive run for Nick Foles under Chip Kelly's tutelage.
Let's take a look at some 2013 NFL Expert Picks and talk about the awkward fact that the Jaguars are in better shape than the Buccaneers.
Sorting the Sunday Pile looks at Sunday's biggest storylines. This week: Peyton Manning's incredible pace, Tony Romo's narrative, Andrew Luck beating Russell Wilson and much more.
NFL teams have spent a lot of time on read-otpion defenses this summer, and the consensus is that quarterbacks are about to be hit a lot more.
The Eagles' up-tempo offense under Chip Kelly is great for skill players. But what about the 300-pound offensive linemen?

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