Guess that's the end of all that Chinese food.
The creator of P90X definitely knows a marketing opportunity when he sees one.
For a week 39-year-old Peyton Manning had to hear about how he is too old, too decrepit, too noodle-armed to compete against his spry counterpart Tom Brady and mastermind Bill Belichick.
Patriots QB Tom Brady might be slow but he might be able to take Packers RB Eddie Lacy in a foot race.
Lacy's weight has been an issue throughout his NFL career but this is the first time Green Bay's coach has publicly gotten on him about it.
A game that got off to an incredibly slow start more than made up for it over the final few minutes. To the point that we're still trying to sort through everything that happened as we write this.
Lacy broke a tackle near the first down marker and then hit the jets for another 52 yards after that.
Derrick Henry would be very excited to be drafted by the Dallas Cowboys.
Outside of the Chiefs-Patriots, who played last season, the three other divisional round matchups are all rematches. What schemes might and might not work this time?

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