A look back at some of the great defenses since 1980 in the NFL shows several common threads with all of them, and a closer look at Denver's current unit shows they're following that same path to success.
The greatest truth in today's NFL? Teams lacking a star QB better find one. With more questions than answers on their current rosters, the Cleveland Browns, 49ers and Houston Texans have no choice.
A review of the film indicates Olivier Vernon went low on Marcus Mariota.
This is now the only acceptable reason to shave facial hair.
For different reasons, the Colts and Bills' Week 2 performances could go a long way in defining their seasons.
Titans OL Taylor Lewan would like the national media to remain quiet about the same team they've completely ignored in recent years.
Who's got next in the NFL? Blake Bortles, Jeremy Hill and Khalil Mack are among 24 youngsters yet to make a Pro Bowl who are ready for their star turn.
Don't let Zach Mettenberger's laid-back Wooderson vibe fool you.
When the Titans decided not to trade out of the No. 2 pick (thanks, Andy Reid!), Marcus Mariota was the only pick.
Looking at the cost involved with a potential Chargers-Titans trade involving Philip Rivers.

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