SALT LAKE CITY -- This is the team that lets you down. This is the upset pick that never comes to be. This is the Belmont Bruins. And this is the man who coaches them, Rick Byrd.
They were the trendy upset pick, as they've been a few times in recent years. But Belmont is still winless in its NCAA tournament history.
Doug Gottlieb helps you fill out your final bracket, picking the likes of Oregon and Davidson to spring upsets.
Which mid-majors are capable of winning games in the dance?
We do this post every year. With 32 games going down on Thursday and Friday, you want to know which ones should play out to the closest endings. Which styles will give us really good games. What are upset possibilities? So here we are. The five Thursday/Friday games that you need to make sure you watch.
In what will probably be the best game of the weekend once all is said and played, Belmont took out defending Ohio Valley champ Murray State to earn an auto bid to the NCAA tournament.
The Ohio Valley Conference is usually Murray State's to lose, but not this season. Belmont rolled through the league, but needs to win the auto bid to ensure a berth in the dance.
Here's everything you need to know from college basketball's last Saturday of full, regular-season games. Conference tournaments start in a couple of days, people. MARCH! And for all the bubble-heavy rundown, do check Poppin' Bubbles.
Belmont is in a new conference, but the Bruins are as dominant as ever.
No more Crosstown Shootout -- it's now called the Crosstown Classic. But Xavier vs. Cincinnati is always one of the best rivalries in the sport.

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