After looking at the top 11 conferences, we provide a complete breakdown of the other 21 leagues. Here's the best teams and players to watch.
Here's our look at how each conference did on draft night, from the most picks to the fewest, and why so many international players were taken.
How far can Butler go this year, after national title game appearances in 2010 and 2011? Not that far, if Thursday's win over Bucknell is an indication.
Doug Gottlieb helps you fill out your final bracket, picking the likes of Oregon and Davidson to spring upsets.
So let's look at the tournament through a Haiku view. Maybe this will help with your picks. Probably not. Either way, here goes.
OK, so we all know the tournament begins in earnest Thursday. And I'm as eager as anything to get the goings on with it. I'll be courtside in Salt Lake City but will have the March Madness on Demand screen up with multiple windows going as well. I have to say: It's gonna be a good day.
The NCAA says it cares about academics, but it doesn't really. Not with deeds. Bucknell cares -- with words and deeds.
Which mid-majors are capable of winning games in the dance?
Are the four No. 1 seeds the favorites to win the title? Let's look at the entire field, 1-68.
This one seems to be the toss-up region. Not in terms of a Final Four favorite; Indiana will run away with that and be picked in four out of five brackets. But for all the Round-of-64 and Round-of-32 matchups? You're going to notice a lot of disagreement. I think the East stands to have the best chance at the weirdest Sweet 16, Indiana's movement down the bracket aside.

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