Here's our look at how each conference did on draft night, from the most picks to the fewest, and why so many international players were taken.
How does the final quartet of teams look heading into Atlanta? And what about the four best teams not in Atlanta?
Duke forward Ryan Kelly has emerged as a defensive leader for Duke, making calls like a quarterback at the line of scrimmage as what coaches call the team's 'talker.' Duke will play Louisville in the NCAA Elite Eight on Sunday night.
Michigan State went more than eight minutes without a field goal in the second half as Duke pulled away 71-61. Seth Curry went for six 3-pointers and 29 points.
The Elite Eight has several must-watch games -- here's a breakdown of the key matchups.
Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski and Michigan State coach Tom Izzo are loaded with Sweet 16s and Final Fours. A run will end for one of them Friday night in Indianapolis.
There are several intriguing matchups in the next two days -- which is the best?
Sunday's march to the Sweet 16 will start with two games in Dayton.
The Michigan Wolverines and North Carolina State are two teams from this year's field with a wealth of future NBA talent.
You won't find the huge names on this list. No Trey, Otto or Victor. This is reserved for X-factor players, guys who can ultimately determine how far their team goes, and whether they reach the Final Four.

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