Here is a look at 10 teams that were bounced early this year but could take the next step next season in the NCAA tournament.
Iowa State and Villanova both blew opportunities to tighten up the at-large resume on Monday.
There weren't too many marquee matchups on Saturday afternoon, but there were plenty of close games and contests that will matter on Selection Sunday.
So, college basketball has this awesome trend going on. We keep having Saturdays with so much action and random outcomes and bizarre happenings, it's just so hard to keep up with. One of those good problems.
Jim Boeheim has won 904 games in his career, more than all but one Division I men's basketball coach in history. So he's experienced, accomplished and generally great at his job. And yet, like so many coaches, he hasn't learned that refusing to foul when ahead by three points late is stubborn, silly and (at times) costly.

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