There are a few elite exceptions, but Week 14 two-start pitching options look mostly ragged.
Home plate umpire Mike Everitt blocked Salvador Perez from chasing down a pop-up and got wrapped up for his troubles
'There's no Home Run Derby with Madison. It's been nixed,' said the Giants skipper
With top prospect Blake Snell expected to start Saturday for the Rays, Chris Towers says he should be the top priority for Fantasy players on waivers.
The Cubs enter the season as the division favorites, but the Cardinals and Pirates have the talent to make things difficult for the North Siders. Further down in the NL Central, the Reds and Brewers are looking to deal.
The Cardinals appear to be more vulnerable now than they have been at any point in the last few years. They're still a legitimate contender, however.
Tracking our top 50 MLB free agents.
The Reds are coming off a 98-loss season in 2015, and the near-term outlook isn't much better.
How deep into October will the Cubbies go? Will Wacha and Martinez hold up in St. Louis? Will another big Brewers trade go down? These are some of the questions in the NL Central.
In the current era, almost everyone's a contender in baseball. Almost everyone.

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