Number one is glaringly obvious, but how about the rest?
Eduardo Nunez has bust written all over him, but as scarce as stolen bases are, you may have no choice but to rely on him, according to Scott White.
Drafting in a Rotisserie league comes with its own challenges, like a stolen base scarcity and the inevitable closer run. Scott White looks at the latest mock.
The Nationals and Dodgers are under more pressure to win than anyone else in 2017
Everything that could go wrong did go wrong for the Diamondbacks in 2016, which should mean they're brimming with potential for 2017.
Chris Towers takes a look at the best of the rest who could challenge for Mike Trout's No. 1 spot in Fantasy baseball this season.
Paul Goldschmidt outproduced Mike Trout in Fantasy once before. Can he do it again?
It has Mike Trout, of course, but outfield is a little light at the top and could use an infusion of talent. Scott White breaks it down into tiers.
Where are the bargains on Draft Day? Scott White looks at 12 in his first edition of Sleepers.
The first mocks for a new season typically surprise from the very first round, and our first foray into the Rotisserie format was no exception. Scott White breaks it down.

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