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Sun, Feb 7, 2016

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In the week's 3-Man Weave we're looking at the Rockets, who could be buyers or sellers come deadline time, depending on how they view their playoff chances.
With Markieff Morris falling out of the rotation in Phoenix, Chris Towers wonders whether it is worth waiting on him in his Week 9 Waiver Wire.
Even though there are only four games on the schedule, Chris Towers still says there is plenty of value to be found Tuesday in NBA DFS.
Who throws a shoe? Will Barton.
Denver guard Will Barton put Donatas Motiejunas on a poster. Or a Vine or something.
The Rockets are deep in the frontcourt, and that could be a problem for Fantasy owners. Chris Towers tries to solve that puzzle in this week's look at the Waiver Wire.
James Harden has gone from MVP candidate to a defensive punchline again, and the Rockets are in serious trouble. Where is the real James Harden, and when's he coming back?
Houston's issues defensively aren't with scheme or execution. They're simply not trying hard enough, and the smallball lineups are getting crushed. What can be done with Houston, at 4-6?
What should we make of Detroit's early success? Which struggling teams are in trouble, and conversely, which will be just fine?
Three straight 20-point losses for the Houston Rockets to open the season. Should they be worried?

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