Indiana Pacers' forward Paul George played at the Drew League in Los Angeles, scored 33 points, and dropped a 360 windmill dunk on a fastbreak.
The NBA has announced the All-NBA First, Second, and Third teams with Kevin Durant leading the way as the top vote-getter.
Despite disappointment in his behavior, the Hall of Famer hopes the mercurial guard can be a part of the Eastern Conference contender's future.
Joakim Noah headlines All-Defensive First team as Chris Paul, Serge Ibaka, Andre Iguodala and Paul George join him. LeBron James on Second team.
How do the Miami Heat measure up to the three-peat champions of NBA history? Let's take a look and compare.
The Miami Heat have been hoping to show that familiar defensive effort that makes them such a dangerous team.
The Miami Heat can now move on from the constant questions of Lance Stephenson as the Indiana Pacers decide what to do with him.
Indiana's season ended pitifully and the Heat surged in an impressive 117-92 victory to win the Eastern Conference Finals 4-2.
Indiana at times looked elite this season, but other teams looked unhinged. What happens to the Pacers now that it's over?
Indiana Pacers' star Paul George is being sued in a paternity case.

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