Here's the skinny on the key free agents to keep and target for all 30 NBA teams
Boston goes out in the first round, but they could shake up the whole NBA this summer if the cards fall right. Or they could remain stuck in the middle.
We break down how Atlanta eliminated the Celtics and their prospects moving forward against LeBron James and the Cavaliers.
Why are the Raptors struggling so much against the 7-seed? Should the Heat be griping about officiating? Who will step up and help the Clips overcome their injuries? We examine these questions and more.
The Hawks are better than the Celtics, as long as they don't beat themselves.
Boston guard Marcus Smart played like a superstar on Sunday.
Boston is looking to become a championship contender. To get there, they may need to do better than a four or five-game series vs. Atlanta, which means the two games in Boston have big implications for their future.
Halfway into the first round, our experts weigh in on what we've seen so far in the NBA playoffs
In Game 2, Kyle Korver hurt the Celtics well beyond his own five 3-pointers.
The Hawks won a tough, ugly Game 2 that left the Celtics grasping for offensive straws.

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