Becky Hammon is the right coach at the right time for the new NBA, and it has nothing to do with her being a woman.
Remember that if the Oklahoma City Thunder are healthy, they're as deadly as anybody in the NBA.
Kendrick Perkins is heading to New Orleans on a one-year deal and will mentor Anthony Davis.
Now that the free agency period has wound down, Matt Moore and Zach Harper dole out their Western Conference offseason grades.
As the 2015 NBA free agency frenzy winds down, the league already is bracing for the free-for-all of 2016. Kevin Durant will be the biggest prize, but cap space isn't what it used to be.
After Warriors prove you don't need a post presence to win an NBA title, Thunder pay max money for post presence with horrific defensive numbers.
Zach Harper and James Herbert discuss where the Mavericks go post-DeAndre Jordan, the Thunder's situation with Enes Kanter, and summer league madness.
NBA max money is there to reward the best (Anthony Davis). More often it rewards the very good (Gordon Hayward) player who has leverage.
The Turkish Sensation with the defense of wind is set to make big money, but will the Thunder match the offer?
Where should the remaining free agency steals go? What kind of depth is there? And man, why are there so many guards?

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