Meet the new Big East, which is somewhat like the old one, only with three programs coming in and making this league a big-time curiosity.
The NBA released its official early-entry list for the NBA Draft.
The NCAA draft deadline is Tuesday for players to withdraw and retain their college eligibility, but April 28 is the day that truly matters. The NCAA and NBA need to get on the same page with this one.
Marquette's Vander Blue announced he is leaving school and putting his name in for the NBA Draft. It's a significant loss for Buzz Williams and the Golden Eagles, but not one they can't withstand.
I love sorting this one out every year. We get 67 games, and I take it upon myself to narrow down the top 14.9 percent of the contests, or: the top 10.
There are several intriguing matchups in the next two days -- which is the best?
Why do people really like Buzz Williams, the Marquette coach? I have a story for you. A small one. But before I tell that story, I have another story for you, an even smaller one.
Three of the four teams in the NCAA Midwest region will be determined Saturday.
The first last-second game-winner of the 2013 NCAA tournament came courtesy of Marquette's Vander Blue.
Marquette's epic comeback on Thursday was pure ... well, Davidson.

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